Baran Family Photo Gallery

This page is a collection of photographs from the family archive. Some are of unknown relatives and some are of those near and dear to us. If you recognize anyone here we would love to hear from you.

Agnes Baran's Wedding Photo Taken by Steven Studio of Johnstown PA. On the far left is Helen Kleszczynski, daughter of Maryanna Baran and Jan Kleszczynski. Second from the right, back, is believed to be Katarzyna (Katherine) Baran, sister of the bride. The bride is Agnieska (Agnes) Baran. The groom is Stephen Barron. All other members of the bridal party are unknown. If you can identify any of the other members, please email one of us today. We'd love to hear from you!

These women, we believe, are Agnes and Katherine Baran. The photo was taken in Northampton, MA.

We are unsure of the identity of this woman. Possibly a family member, photo circa 1930's.

Maryjana Baran Kleszczynski (center) Anna Kleszczynski Schott (right) and Helen Kleszczynski Thompson holding Donald Schott. Photo Circa July 1950.

The Unknown Soldier - The family is unable to identify this person, but a military expert has identified it as an Austrian uniform Circa 1900.